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Our website designers will take your business and sales to the next level.Our main objectives is to keep up with the utmost highest website standards, focusing on delivering the best website designs possible yet staying affordable. We specialize in all types of websites from simple one page designs to advanced e-commerce stores. We are a fulltime business thus ensuring your website will be up and running quickly, smoothly and professional


Search Engine Optimization Our Internet marketing team, though based in Trinidad, excels at getting our clients great search engine rankings both on the local and national levels by using the best practices for presenting content. We optimize websites using SEO (search engine optimization) ethical techniques that will not only boost your results but also will have lasting effects. Recognizing that recent studies on internet marketing have revealed that more than 80% of Web traffic uses Google or Google-powered search engines, we use Google as our benchmark for all search engine optimization campaigns. We specialize in targeting the important keywords and phrases for your company with the highest search volume, and optimizing the pages on your site to market for the keywords and phrases that will bring you the highest return on investment. Making sure that page names, page titles, page descriptions, image titles, etc., reflect the chosen keywords and phrases is a key part of internet marking. In today's online market, on-site optimization alone is simply not enough to keep up with the competition. Writing articles, posting to blogs and forums, submitting your site to directories, pay per click advertising, and the ever popular social media marketing are also integral parts to internet marketing. SEO (search engine optimization) is always an ongoing work in progress, working to get to the top, and working to stay there. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not require any type of contract with our SEO (search engine optimization) services. We only ask that you try our services for a minimum of three months, as this is about how long it will take to start seeing the improvements as a result of the work. Reports are sent out monthly and compared to a benchmark report taken at the beginning of the project to show areas of improvement and areas that still need to be improved upon. Let Trinidad Internet Marketing company Lukshay Tech, Inc. get your website where you need it to be....


When your business is selling products online, it is important to make sure that you have someone on your team that is experienced in providing the best in professional E-Commerce solutions. With our team of experts, our mission is to provide you with everything you need to be successful online including design, development and marketing services Whether you just want an off the shelf solution or need an E-Commerce site designed and built from the ground up to meet your unique business requirements, W3trends can put together the right website for your business. Custom E-Commerce Development Our custom made E-Commerce websites provide intuitive design, solid development and marketing tools that make a perfect solution for your business. Not only will your customers find your site friendly and easy to use, you will in turn be able to accomplish you online goals and objectives all while creating the perfect online representation and branding for your company. E-Commerce Search Engine Optimization E-Commerce search engine optimization and E-Commerce website optimization campaigns are about a mare than increasing the visitors to your site, they are about results and more importantly sales. Marketing your products or service online is arguably as important if not more important than the website itself. If your customers can't find your website, then it doesn't really matter how advanced and custom and easy to use your site is. Our E-Commerce search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that your potential customers will find your website and products, making your website a success. Our team has the search engine experience optimization experience and knowledge it takes to bring new customers and clients to your website each day. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you with your e-commerce development needs.


Are you tired of going to your website and finding old and outdated information. Well, so are your visitors. One of the keys to a successful website is fresh up-to-date content. Keeping the content on your website updated used to be difficult and required special expertise, but now thankfully we have developed an easy to use content management system that makes updating your website as easy as sending an e-mail.


If you’re already marketing your business and driving traffic to your website, but have low conversion rates, our website redesign company can help. A professional website redesign that is customized and specific may be all you need to boost your conversion rate. In fact, many clients see a dramatic boost in their conversion rates, leads and sales after a website makeover. Here are some reasons why a professional redesign can boost sales An amateur, unprofessional or outdated website lacks credibility – this very often turns away potential customers. Many websites lack a call to action message that is carried throughout every page and included in the design. Most websites do not have a clear content strategy or compelling marketing message. The purpose of a website design is to uphold and market your message, not to simply be a pretty picture. When you choose to work with Lukshay Tech on your site’s redesign project, we will ensure that you get a website that is effective and that will support you in achieving your online business marketing goals.

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